R. Pierre – Extractions CS

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R. Pierre – Extractions CS

There might not be any source better suited for the electroacoustic mill of Caleb Dravier’s R. Pierre moniker than seismic waves, the primordial sighs and groans of the peaceful stone giant our existence parasites. The project’s characteristic concern with both stagnance and dynamism is no doubt present, but here the soundscapes are at once denser and more fleeting, like the press of an ear to a cavern wall or an idle few minutes watching three different machines frantically sketch out the very vibrations of the earth. The fourth “Geiger” readout encapsulates the essence of “absolute music”: survey-scrapings from the bedrock of beauty.

Recordings/Composition by R. Pierre
Mastered by Jared Carrigan and R. Pierre


Black Artifact 052