Maligna Cerebra – Burial Shroud CD-R

Maligna Cerebra – Burial Shroud CD-R

Professionally duplicated CD-R in 4-panel digipak.

Burial Shroud is rank with the stench of death; flesh dematerializes much more quickly than fabric, but while the bones remain shrouded the stink seeps through the cheap gauze and the arid soil, hanging bloated in the air at grave-level like a fetid fog. This disc is a long mausoleum corridor of decay and dread, but at nine distinct tracks there’s an LP’s worth of new haunts along the way: “Morbid Revelations” plays like the final tolls of the doomsday bell wracked by unbeing, “Laid to Rest” the drums in the deep as a whole legion of forgotten corpses pound on their coffin lids to be set free.

Cover art source photography by Nīþ Sifka
Sound and art by Tim McCarthy
Mastered by Grant Richardson

Black Artifact 033