Kadaver / En Nihil – With Utmost Disgust CDRx2

Kadaver / En Nihil – With Utmost Disgust CDRx2

Reissue of WITH UTMOST DISGUST—originally release on Shrouded Recordings in 2020—remastered, and including two new collaborative tracks.

"A dense presence is near. It is inescapable. Not money, power, or privilege can protect you. This is the reality for the ruling class. Well, what will the masses, who twist and turn and hang on for survival, be left with? A mirror. This mirror shows themselves, ourselves. Oh, and what a horror is unveiled. With utmost disgust, each and every one must experience the great pause of the reflection of the mirror.

"The churning wheels of human destruction of themselves and all the vast elements that must combine to allow for life in this universe suddenly and dramatically become the most dense air ever breathed.

"Presented here on 09/14/2020, recorded during the onset of the pandemic that will forever shape and shift what was once accepted as reality. A pair of super-solid creatives have come together to throw at those willing to breathe in the sonic thickness and utter upheaval, as viewed from separate ends of the globe. En Nihil and Kadaver maximize out the C64 long-play cassette with some of the most relevant tones, pounding and consuming the feel of a plague and what it does when no one knows... know one knows a thing.

"Fear or hope, dive or ascend, protect or profit. This will be a timeless piece for many years to come, marking the outpouring of wave after wave of societies drifting apart. Neighbor vs neighbor. Those that own and command vs those that are indentured and must risk all. As thick as the winter's dark night, this release is thickness not withheld, as spoken by two well-experienced masters of sound manipulation and evocative tonality. Run for your life or embrace the massive present realities you will die having known, and will never be forgotten until the stars reclaim what is rightfully theirs, and all the meaninglessness of putrid, spoiled, and selfish creatures ends in a momentary flash."

–Shrouded Recordings, Sep 14 2020

Mastered by Thomas Garrison
Art by Paul van Trigt

Black Artifact 065