En Nihil – The Ghosts We Keep CS

En Nihil – The Ghosts We Keep CS

Black cassette, 4-panel j-card in clear/black case. Program repeats on both sides.

Emerging in the wake of a spree of splits over the past few years, En Nihil’s newest single-sider looks both forward and back, incorporating elements from throughout the long-running project’s tenure. The ever-heavy noise expands and contracts from walled wails to almost tender ambience, subdued crumble to seismic slough. This focus on textural movement throughout a unary piece is a newer one, more along the lines of last year’s DEATH: IMMINENT, but the rabid, unpredictable energy of Blood Dreams and shadow-soaked industrial of Bind for Demise are the key ingredients, the kept ghosts.

Art by Paul Van Trigt
Mastered by Grant Richardson

Black Artifact 032