Cementation Anxiety – Illness Inveigh CS

Cementation Anxiety – Illness Inveigh CS

Frosted-white cassette and j-card in frosted-white/clear case.

Illness Inveigh may be best categorized as ambient music, but as is clear from the first minute or so, it's no stranger to immediacy; the brief overture feels like being mercilessly hosed down with liquid nitrogen until veins turn to ice cables, skin to snow, locks of hair to spindly stalactites. The remainder of the single twentyish-minute piece all seems to expand ever outward from that conspicuous source point, flakes and shards of what was once blood and bone drifting in arctic purgatory. Somewhere in the blizzard beautiful harmonic layers eventually surface, almost warm but not quite (and make sure to stick around for the very end). Music for bluing skin and chattering teeth.

Art by Chris Gibson

Black Artifact 041